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First Visit

First Visit (Day 1)

On your first visit to Johnson City Family Chiropractic, you will receive a chiropractic examination and specialized scans that measure muscle tone and temperature of your spine. In most cases, an X-ray will be taken so your care can be as specific and accurate as possible. Your first visit will take about 40-60 minutes.

Second Visit (Day 2)

On your second visit, the doctor will describe which parts of your spine are misaligned, which nerves are compromised because of the misalignment, and which organs are affected by those nerves. You will receive your first adjustment on this visit. Plan on about 20 minutes.

Third Visit (Day 3)

On your third visit, you and the doctor will review your X-rays together. The doctor will explain the care you need based on what the X-rays reveal and your response to your first adjustment. This is where you’ll see what’s going on “under the skin,” so you’ll have a more complete understanding of how your body works and the role of chiropractic care in your health.

Care Moving Forward:

Once a care schedule is determined, you’ll return for regular adjustments, moving toward optimal health and a wellness program. Regular visits take 5-10 minutes—from the moment you step through our front door until the time you get back in your car. We don’t want you wasting time sitting in our waiting room—we want to get you healthy and out enjoying life!

For more about what you can expect from our office, visit the FAQ page.